1-2 July 2017
Starting 10:30 am
St Peter's Chapel, Othona Community

About Bradwell Festival

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Bradwell Festival is an opportunity to connect and celebrate with other Christians and take that joy back to our communities.

The Festival returns for a second year in 2017! It takes place on the first weekend in July and builds on the legacy of the Bradwell Pilgrimage.

Festival-goers can enjoy a variety of worship, bands, speakers, activities, food and drink throughout the day and evening. The beautiful, unspoilt site incorporates the historic St Peter’s Chapel as well as the home of the Othona Community. There are stunning views across the Blackwater to the North Sea.

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Things to look forward to

Amazing speakers to inspire as well as lots of stallholders and representatives from charities and campaign groups to give us ideas...
There is a wide range of music at both the Performance Cafe on the Othona site and on the Main Stage in the Chapel Field...
Want to make a weekend of it? Camping is offered onsite. The sunrise over this stunning landscape is a must...

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Faq – Festival Essential Guide

Getting ready for Bradwell Festival

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The festival takes places on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July.

The musicians, speakers and stalls will all be there on the Saturday 1st July. The focus of Sunday 2nd July will be worship, morning and evening, and an opportunity to spend time in the stunning landscape and the beautiful village of Bradwell-on-Sea.

Free! Totally free! If you do want to contribute something to the day there is a suggested donation amount when you book your tickets. We are grateful for all donations which will go towards making the festival as superb as possible. Don’t forget to book your free tickets though by clicking here.

The festival takes place on the sites of St Peter’s Chapel field and the Othona community site. As festival sites go, it’s pretty compact so don’t worry about having to walk too far once you get there!

If you are leaving from St Thomas Church, please park at the village hall (CM0 7QJ). Please note that the car park field will be locked overnight so if you are leaving late but not staying overnight, please ask to park on the hardstanding area.

If you are leaving from The Green Man, please park at the Marina (CM0 7RB). This car park will be left open.

Parking is free at both sites.

Remember, if you are taking a minibus, please come to St Thomas Church. Minibuses will drop off at both sites in the evening and the following day.

There are two options: you can either walk the Pilgrimage route from the village (this will take between 40-90 minutes depending on which route you take) or you can take a minibus from outside St Thomas Church. If you are camping and have a lot of stuff to bring, you might want to get the minibus.

Please note that this is a remote site without public transport.

There will be a minibus shuttle service throughout the day which will run on an ad hoc basis according to need. Please remember to bring everything with you that you will need for the day. Minibuses will also run after 11pm.

There will be a minibus shuttle service on the Sunday, and will run as needed but may be more limited than Saturday’s service.

Yes – you can use the minibus service to get to and from the festival site. Please note that the festival site is rural and while every attempt has been made to ensure pathways are clear, there may be areas that are uneven.

One route will start from St Thomas Church on the corner of East End Road and the High Street (CM0 7PY) and will go through the village. This will take around 40/45 minutes. The other will start from The Green Man pub on Waterside Road (CM0 7QX) and follow the sea wall. This will take between 60-90 minutes. Please note that this route may be uneven in places.

The pilgrimage taking the sea wall route will start at 10.30a.m. The pilgrimage walk through the village will begin at 11am.

The festival starts at 12 noon on Saturday 1st July with the Daily Office in St Peter’s Chapel and a gospel choir on the main stage. There will be a variety of bands and musicians and speakers to watch and stalls to visit throughout the day. The Saturday programme will finish at 11pm.

The schedule will be posted on our site as speakers and artists are confirmed. You will receive a printed programme when you arrive either at one of the pilgrimage routes or at the festival site.

Activities for young people are run by a team of volunteers from local churches and youth organisations. We’ll include activities on the site as they are confirmed

You are welcome to bring your own food but why not buy something from one of our food vendors? We have a pizza van and an ice-cream van in the chapel field, and there will be burgers and jacket potatoes available at Othona too.

Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear are essential! And feel free to bring something to sit on. If you are staying late, bring a torch if you plan to walk back to your car.

There are camping places available for tents onsite – you will be directed to the exact location once you arrive. There will be a toilet in the camping area and water available from Othona but there is no electricity.

St John’s Ambulance will be providing first aid on throughout Saturday at the Othona building.

Yes. Prepare for the weather, it’s been very hot in past year. So pack some suncream and bottles of water. Also follow the Health and Safety Advice (on noticeboards and in the Service Book) as you walk along the path and while you are at St Peter’s.

Programme schedule

Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox
Deputy Director of Citizens UK and Lead Organiser for Citizens Cymru Wales

Jonathan Cox – Speaker

  15:15 - 16:00
Deputy Director of Citizens UK and Lead Organiser for Citizens Cymru Wales
Kingsland Community Gospel Choice
Kingsland Community Gospel Choice

Kingsland Community Gospel Choir

12:15 - 12:45
Throughout the year the choir has opportunities to sing at events in the local community, on special occasions at Colchester church services and events, at Lost In His Presence, and now at the Bradwell Festival.
+ Stephen Cottrell
Bishop of Chelmsford

+ Stephen Cottrell – Speaker

  13:00 - 14:00
Stephen Cottrell is Bishop of Chelmsford and was formerly Bishop of Reading. He has worked in parishes in London and Chichester, as Canon Pastor of Peterborough Cathedral, as Missioner in the Wakefield diocese and as part of Springboard, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s evangelism team...
Rev Cham Kaur-Mann
Rev Cham Kaur-Mann

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann – Speaker

18:00 - 19:00
Cham has over 25 years leadership experience, in the church, charity and voluntary sectors, and mentors and supports leaders from a variety of sectors. She is the first (and currently only) Asian woman minister within the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
Tim Fox
Tim Fox
Landlord and Hymn Master

Beer and Hymns

  17:00 - 17:45
This one's for you if you like Beer and like singing Hymns.
Band from East London


20:00 - 20:45
ECHO is a seven-piece band of experienced musicians and singers with a heart for people, building bridges and reaching out to those outside the church. The band’s aim is to bring worship into the streets and are busy doing just that, mostly out of church and to wherever there are people.The band is based in […]
Rev Simpkins

Rev Simpkins

21:00 - 21:45
A heady brew of bruising freak blues, string-snapping finger-picked folk, and sanctified psychedelia.

The Edi Johnston Bit

18:00 - 18:45
The Edi Johnston Bit is not just a player of songs, but puts them alongside some typical English silliness, too. Props, jokes, quizzes, audience participation and bingo all add up to a daft experience going beyond just singing some songs. The Edi Johnston Bit is a chance to catch up with the daftness of life, […]
Megan from Red Balloon Family
Megan from Red Balloon Family
Street Dance Workshop

Street Dance Workshops

13:15 - 13:45
Megan works for a charity called the Red Balloon Family Foundation, in Epping Forest. As well as running youth groups and hanging around with amazing young people she runs a worship dance group called the Vault. “The style is Hip Hop/street dance and the aim is to express our love for God with something we […]

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Festival locations

Here are the main spots…

St Thomas' Church
St Thomas' Church

St Thomas' Church

This is one of our starting off points, the other is going from the Green Man pub on the marina, and taking in the unique landscape of the Blackwater EstuaryMore about St Thomas'
St Peter’s Chapel
St Peter’s Chapel

St Peter’s Chapel

Worship will take place outside St Peter’s Chapel as people arrive and there will be worship and reflective activities over the course of the weekend.More about St Peter's
Othona Community
Othona Community

Othona Community

The festival site incorporates the home of the Othona Community, festival-goers will be able to enjoy a variety of worship, activities, food and drink throughout the day and evening.More about the Othona Community

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    1-2 July 2017

    Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

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