Daisy Bowlers
Delightfulness eminates from their music

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Daisy Bowlers


The delightfulness of the music of the Daisy Bowlers comes from a collection of fabulous careers… here is a sneak peak on the profile of the band members:

Debbie Bines 

Debbie is gorgeous. She sings from a heart that is a true friend and beautiful person who is completely in love with her husband. It is important to know that ladies and gentlemen reading this biography as it will allow you to appreciate her fabulous voice even more. She sings the love songs to Hubby and the fun ones to you all with an intent of brightening your day. Debbie has sung in the famous jazz club Ronnie Scotts, in Glenn Miller Festivals, on the stage at The National Theatre ( many times) and so many more. However she terrible at taking photos and has a tendency to go up to strange men and smell them.

Heather Simmons

Heather loves life, her family, her friends and this is is what you hear when she sings. She sings with a passion that releases all the hours she spends living, eating breathing the recordings of Billie, Ella, Peggy, Bessie, Annette, Connie, Judy, Anita…. She has entertained audiences across the world and sung in the most prestigious jazz venues and concert halls (Ronnie Scotts, The Village Vanguard, Preservation Hall, Kensington Palace, The National Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall). Heather has recorded and performed with many world class musicians and is eternally grateful for their music and being able to share the stage with them. A word of warning – if she has too much Baileys she likes to play her hard rock drums ( pretty badly) and can be inappropriately competitive in a game of scrabble.

Dave Cooke 

Grammy award nominated, musical director to many famous people including Tommy Cooper, Phil Coulter, The Three Degrees ( in their prime) ..the list goes on. Dave has a kindness and honesty which is heard in his music. He plays and arranges the songs to make everyone else be the star and yet he is the one who naturally shines as he is music personified.  Dave has been spotted playing in Carnegie Hall,  The White House, on Top of the Pops.. but sshh! Don’t tell anyone.  He has been known to knock things over, spill things, fall off stages.. surely not all the stories are true? Sadly they are.

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